Previous DMS Extravaganza Event Highlights


DMS Global is once again proud to present our 3rd Edition of the DMS Extravaganza. This exclusive event will be held on November 12, 2012 at the luxurious Emirates Palace.


This year's DMS Extravaganza show will be the high flying and explosive theatrical called The Pearl to Oil Show. The show was specifically choreographed to highlight the Arabian Gulf's transition from its early roots in pearl diving and later ascension to become one of the major international producers of oil. The story will be told through a dazzling series of performances by acrobats, aerial artists, and dancers from around the region, closing in a grand finale of fireworks.


DMS Global would like to invite you to join us for a fun-filled night of networking and entertainment. Bring your company, your clients, your prospects and VIP's to be dazzled and entertained for this extravagant night, one that is sure to remain your most memorable experience of the year.


"The global Oil & Gas industry plays an important role on the world economy. So we thought, why not celebrate their huge successes with a high profile event. Back in 2008, we decided to bring together the Crème De La Crème of the industry to network socially, thus the DMS Extravaganza was born. Naturally, we are looking to do something bigger and better each time; plus you can't get a much better venue than the Emirates Palace to signify how prestigious the DMS Extravaganza Pearl to Oil Show will be. We're excited to be hosting the high society of the energy industry again this year. We certainly know everyone will have an amazing time and walk away with a night to remember, and possibly some new friends as well."


- Mohammed Loch, President & CEO of DMS